This week, we learn how to translate HR speak to business-speak, encourage employees to go the extra mile, explore the power of top performers, and dive into how to create deep alliances between the HR team and the C-Suite. 

This week’s growth quote:

“What you do has far greater impact than what you say.” 

Stephen Covey

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‘We need to become bilingual so we can speak in both business and HR terms’: Sharon Looney, CHRO of CoreHR

HR Review

The CHRO of CoreHR, Sharon Looney, weighs in on how to create a solid alliance between the HR team and the C-suite. If you can grasp the ins and outs of your company—from revenue to retention—and translate HR concerns to executives, you’ll become an essential part of the business.

How to Motivate Employees to Go Beyond Their Jobs


If your employees are willing to go the extra mile—by staying late to finish a project or mentoring a colleague—your company will go farther, faster. This article lays out how to encourage your employees to engage in the “citizenship behaviors” which give companies an edge.

Three Essentials to Engaging and Retaining Top Talent


According to McKinsey, high performing employees are 400 percent more productive than average employees. This article explores how to harness their superpowers and encourage them to stick around. Hint: your company’s commitment to its growth is a big factor.

What Every Generation In Your Workforce Needs For Peak Performance


As many as five generations are expected to work harmoniously in today’s workplace. Read this if you’d like to figure out how to help people born pre-World War Two communicate and deliberate with a generation that never knows life without the smartphone.

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