This week, learn about how to ask for feedback, the $3,000-per employee problem that companies can solve if they want to, and motivating workers with unexpected outcomes.

How To Train Yourself To Take Feedback Well

Fast Company

Receiving feedback is difficult, but you know what’s even worse? Failing repeatedly without growing. As the article points out, when we ask colleagues how we might grow, we get a helpful infusion of something only others can offer: perspective.

People Don’t Want To Be Compared With Others

Harvard Business Review

Every year, the average Fortune 1,000 company spends $3,000 per-employee on a process that those employees think is brutally unfair: performance reviews. But workers aren’t irked by the fact that employers rate their performance – they dislike being rated against each other. As the article explains, therein lies the cure.

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People spend a quarter of their lives working, so shouldn’t they enjoy it? Every week, TED Speaker and motivation expert Adam Grant plumbs the depths of work, coercion, love, trust, and the keys to a better career.

To Motivate Employees, Give An Unexpected Bonus … Or Penalty

Harvard Business School

What’s more motivating: the carrot or the stick? Research suggests that it’s a balance, but expectations play a big role. According to Assistant Professor of Business Administration Susan Gallini, “It’s not just who gets the reward or penalty, but who was expecting to.”

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