Happy 2019! From all of us here at Betterworks, we hope you had a fantastic holiday and are back feeling refreshed and ready for a whole new year! In our first roundup of 2019 we explore organizational change from multiple angles, including how emotional intelligence can help individuals navigate it and why it can threaten employees’ psychological safety.

This week’s growth quote:

“Every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision, and change.”

– Sir Richard Branson

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How to Embrace Change Using Emotional Intelligence

Harvard Business Review

They say change is a good thing, but often transitions in an organization are met with denial and resistance. So how can HR lead teams lead their people through periods of change? Professor Kandi Wiens of the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and Darin Rowell, Founder of FrontierX Global, have four tips: identify, question, own the situation, and turn it up.

Half of Employees Feel Psychologically Unsafe

Personnel Today

Psychological safety is important, say 94 percent of organizations surveyed. But when 52 percent of employees (including executives) don’t feel “supported to work to the best of their ability” and worry about the consequences of speaking up, it’s clear there’s a disconnect . The effects are lessened, however, in organizations that encourage frequent conversation.

The Secret to Leading Organizational Change is Empathy

Harvard Business Review

Are employees at your company aligned and motivated around your company’s vision? According to Patti Sanchez, Chief Strategy Officer at Duarte, Inc., how information is communicated to employees matters as much as what is actually said. To make change stick, she recommends profiling your audience, telling people precisely what to expect, and involving individuals at every level.

Transparency is Key to Building Trust in Business


A true test of any business is its cohesion in crisis. When an engine exploded on Quantas flight QF32 and forced the crew into an emergency landing, the crew needed to trust every team member – from mechanics to air traffic control – without question or hesitation. Matt Graham, a Managing Partner at PwC, explains what businesses can learn from these difficult situations.

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