This week, we explore the impact of peer-to-peer feedback, dive into the ins and outs of hiring refugees, hear from a VP at Facebook about becoming a manager at 25, and learn how to pre-empt an employee walkout by using “stay conversations.”  

This week’s growth quote:

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”

Steve Jobs

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Peer Recognition: An Employee Engagement Secret Weapon


Learn how to motivate employees using peer-to-peer feedback. This overlooked tactic is so powerful that according to Gartner, employees are consistently more productive when colleagues regularly pipe up with feedback. 

Why I Say Refugees Make Some of the Best Workers


Chris Chancey, the founder of Amplio Recruiting, has spent the last five years placing refugees into jobs. He shares his experience, breaks down what makes them such hard-working employees, and outlines how refugees help the economy on the whole.  

The Challenges (and Triumphs) of a Young Manager


Have you debated the pros and cons of hiring young managers? If so, we recommend you read this interview with Julie Zhuo, Facebook’s VP of product design, who was asked to run a team at 25. She sheds light on her early missteps and offers hard-won advice to young managers. 

How to Use ‘Stay Conversations’ to Keep Employees Engaged


If you’d like to prevent a talent-hemorrhage, your best bet might be having “stay conversations” with your direct reports. The aim is to pin down an employee’s long-term aspirations and to spot opportunities for growth, well in advance—pre-empting (and curbing) any frustrations that may lead them to look elsewhere. 

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