This week, we explore how to squeeze more insights from your people data, why learning is the source of workplace happiness, how to meet your employees’ needs, and the value of hearing tough feedback.  

This week’s growth quote:

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

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Employers Have a Poor Understanding of What Actually Motivates Their Employees


Unfortunately some employers aren’t as insightful as they’d like to think when it comes to understanding their employees’ motivations. Forty-five percent of employers continue to ignore how important  “soft benefits” — such as work-life balance and feeling valued — are to their employees. Make no mistake, failing to get to the heart of your employees’ priorities leads to turnover.

New Research Shows “Heavy Learners” More Confident, Successful, and Happy at Work

Josh Bersin

Learning is the key to work happiness. According to Josh Bersin, the more new skills we pick up at work, the more productive, successful and happy we become. And employees recognize the benefits too. According to new research, they rank growth and progress well above salary in terms of importance.

HR Teams Should Get More From Their Data; Program Insights Can Help


Data is one thing but insights are another. Unfortunately, raw information doesn’t turn itself into actionable insights. Which is why Betterworks created Program Insights, a series of tools that turn reams of undigested data into information that HR professionals can act on to retain talent, track employee progress and assess the impact of their programs. Check it out.

Critical Feedback


Receiving critical feedback is hard, but then so is doling it out. Organizational consultant Ben Dattner tells us how to deal with both of these challenges. So if your direct reports want to give you feedback, if your feedback falls on deaf ears, or if people from other teams are giving unsolicited critiques, Dattner has ideas on how to deal with it.

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