This week, we share lessons from the world’s top CEOs (literally), explore how to turn remote workers into company insiders, hear how to put ‘problem’ employees back on course, and get a glimpse into what more than 1000 people managers think of their current performance management programs.

This week’s growth quote:

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” 

–Viktor E. Frankl

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3 Experts on How to Maximize Value from Remote Employees

HR Technologist

Seventy percent of remote workers feel like outsiders at their company. Prevent those employees from becoming culture castaways with advice from HR leaders at Justworks, vpnMentor, and Fuze. Learn how to hire remote workers effectively, run a meeting where everyone feels included, and keep your data safe outside of your company’s four walls.

The Best Leaders Are Great Teachers


Sydney Finkelstein has studied CEOs the world over. What do the best ones have in common? Their ability to teach. Read about how to use your business acumen and life experience to inspire teams and give them new skills.

10 Things Employers Should Do Before Terminating A Difficult Employee


Do you dread having to fire people? Before arriving at the point of no return, experts from Forbes’ HR Council have ten strategies to help you put an employee back on course: from feedback and improvement plans (the classics) to help them identify and overcome their fears.

Betterworks Research Confirms: Managers Feel Talent Management “Needs Improvement”


We surveyed more than a thousand people managers to see how they felt about the current performance management practices in place at their companies, and the results weren’t good. Over 62% didn’t feel they were in step with their company, while one third felt they weren’t given enough development opportunities. On the plus side, 38% expressed their company’s performance management process included at least some ‘continuous’ elements of goal setting, alignment, or continuous feedback and development, an indicator that these proven practices are becoming more mainstream.

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