This week we pick up five tips for collecting effective employee feedback, dive into different strategies when it comes to hiring top talent for family-run firms, and explore how to mitigate the upcoming global skills shortage. 

This week’s growth quote:

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” 

Stephen R. Covey

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Getting Practical About the Future of Work

McKinsey Quarterly

McKinsey’s latest research predicts that scarce skills will become even scarcer by 2030. Learn more about how companies like JPMorgan Chase and Walmart are re-tooling and training their employees to weather the storm. 

Don’t Kill Your Continuous Listening Program Before It Starts


If you’d like to establish an effective feedback loop between employees and HR, this article is for you. It lays out five actionable and practical steps to take before implementing a continuous listening program, including a surprising take on which data you should be collecting and which you should ignore.

How Family Businesses Can Attract Non-Family Talent


If you need to recruit non-family employees at family firms, this article makes a strong case for bypassing typical corporate hiring strategies. Why? Because family firms usually lag behind non-family enterprises in terms of the benefits and compensation. So to attract the talent you should emphasize the loyalty, warmth, and care associated with a family-run business.  

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