This week, we examine why the term “culture fit” can be harmful, the negative side effects of indispensable manager syndrome, a study that measured HR leaders’ ambition to learn, the top employee stressors, and how to retain good people with ‘stay’ interviews.

Culture Fit vs. Culture Add: Why One Term Actually Hurts Diversity


What does it mean when a hiring manager says, “I’m just not sure the candidate is the right fit for our company?” According to Lars Schmidt, Founder and Principal at the HR consulting firm Amplify, this phrase has “become the embodiment of unconscious bias.” If you allow it to be used in your organization, it can harm your culture.

The Indispensable Manager Syndrome


As businesses grow, organizations can grind to a bureaucratic halt. What once took two approvals now takes eight. Business units that once worked side by side now operate out of different buildings. And amidst the chaos, a few heroic managers navigate the mess and help everyone get things done. But could they be hurting more than helping?

HR Experts are Ambitious Learners Compared to Colleagues, Study Says


One result from a recent study by and Bamboo HR will surprise no one in the HR community: That HR professionals are voracious learners. Yet while they tend to be more educated than colleagues, only 25 percent called themselves experts. Are they selling themselves short, or might that be the key to their success?

Unclear Goals, Long Commutes, and Bad Bosses Are Top Employee Stressors

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Employees who don’t know what’s expected of them can’t perform their best work. This may seem obvious, but in workplace after workplace, it’s the top employee complaint, and as many as 57 percent of women and 60 percent of men say it has them feeling burnt out. The solution? More conversations, more often.

How to Master the Art and Science of Stay Interviews

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Do your employees know why they’re here? Not in the existential sense, but in the context of the workplace? HR leaders often don’t hear the truth until an exit interview and by then, it’s too late. So instead, become a master of the stay interview and help high-performers know exactly why this is their place.

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