This week, one of Betterworks’ sales engineers discusses the harsh reality of life before OKRs, McKinsey unpacks employees’ search for meaning as well as ways your organization can facilitate it, and the Harvard Business Review explains how the role of managers must change to fit the digital economy.

This week’s growth quote:

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

Jim Collins, Author of Good to Great

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How OKRs and CPM Put My Company (And Career) in the Fast Lane


Lack of context and clarity around the most important business goals. A muddled, biased promotion process. An inability to see how one’s work ties into the bigger picture and contributes to career growth. According to BetterWorks’ Andy Balberchak, these are all signs of a company in need of OKRs and Continuous Performance Management®.

Making Work Meaningful: A Leader’s Guide


When an employee gets hired, their search doesn’t end – it evolves into a hunt for meaning. Those who discover what they’re looking for wind up happier, healthier, and more productive. But only 38 percent of organizations report that their people find purpose, and McKinsey recommends four interventions – starting with putting an end to anonymity.

The Link Between Meaning and Organizational Health


When your employees find meaning in their work, that might say as much about your organizational efficiency as it does about them. A recent study revealed that employees’ sense of fulfillment was most closely correlated with their company’s ability to act on its central vision and renew itself through creative thinking. Meaning, it seems, is a byproduct of well-oiled machinery.

The Role of Manager Has to Change in Five Key Ways

Harvard Business Review

Today’s managers evolved to pursue fixed targets in stable landscapes. But today’s workplace resembles a violent sea, and professors Joseph Pistrui of the IE Business School in Madrid and Dimo Dimov of Bath University in the UK think it’s time to throw out the century-old conventions and replace the tenants of planning and control with learning and innovation.

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