This week, we take a look at the seven big shifts happening in HR and learn how the NFL recruited its chief people officer, get ahead of the social and economic trends that will change HR, and uncover just how unhappy British employees are at SMBs.   

This week’s growth quote:

 “When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” 

Simon Sinek

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7 Ways HR Looks Different in 2020

Fast Company 

As our tech-enhanced workplaces change from one month to the next, how can HR keep up? Lars Schmidt, the founder of HR consulting firm Amplify, has laid out seven trends that the most forward-thinking HR leaders have adopted. Learn how decentralization, flexible feedback, and a nose for business can make your workplace the best it can be. 

How the NFL Scouted its New Chief People Officer

HR Drive

As the NFL celebrated its 100th birthday, its C-Suite wanted a chief people officer who’d make diversity a priority. Read about how the NFL recruited Dasha Smith and how Smith made her way to the NFL, via positions at Time Inc. and Sony Music, where she was CHRO. 

Five Talent Management Trends to Watch in 2020

HR Zone

Analysts are predicting big shifts in the economy, market, and political landscape in 2020. Learn how these macro trends will impact HR. Expect smaller budgets, global mobility, and more millennials in senior positions to disrupt business as usual.   

One-Third of Workers at Small Businesses Are Unhappy With Their Jobs


According to a recent survey, there’s a huge difference between how bosses and employees at Britain’s SMBs view of the workplace. Almost 40% of employees said they were unhappy at work, while close to 90% of bosses surveyed thought they had a happy workforce. Read more about this gulf in perspectives. 

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