This week, an NFL player turned-business executive shares his HR wisdom, we learn how HR teams can ensure employees actually understand and act upon executives’ goals, we explore how people analytics is overturning some of the HR industry’s most ingrained assumptions, and we list five ways to make reviews work for your business.

Four Traits of Winning NFL Teams that Also Work in Business


Replace “touchdowns” with “shareholder returns” and football advice becomes prescient business advice, says former NFL player turned startup executive Damian Vaughn. For instance, agile players can sidestep tackles, but also disruption. Micro-goals lead to field goals, but also company goals. And nothing contributes to a strong offense like empowering your team to make their own plays.

How HR Teams Can Set Clearer Strategy


As the aphorism goes, a message sent is only as good as the message received. Just about every executive sets some form of strategy, but 80 percent say their strategies aren’t well understood – even within their own company. Dave Ramos, CEO of the executive coaching firm SHIFTPOINTS, shares how he helps HR teams disseminate goals more effectively.

The Data-Talent Link


Technology is empowering the HR department like never before. It’s also pulling skeletons out of the closet. Companies have long assumed that star performers come from Ivy League schools, that resumé screening services are impartial to women, and that employees leave for better opportunities. But people analytics tell another story.

Five Tactics for Transforming Ineffective Reviews into Invaluable Ones


Annual performance reviews are under fire these days and it mostly has to do with their execution. Namely, that they can be top-down, retrospective, unidirectional, unbalanced, and far too often, punitive. But teams that aren’t ready to scrap the practice entirely can improve it with five changes.

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