This week, we explore how to create a successful five-generation workplace, highlight the best ways to give and receive feedback, hear from the world’s top CHROs on the issues faced by HR teams, and learn how to stem an employee exodus. 

This week’s growth quote:

“From change comes growth.” 

Jon Stewart

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What Every Generation in Your Workforce Needs for Peak Performance


There are five generations present in today’s workforce. If you’ve ever wondered how to create a collaborative environment—where people born in the pre-TV era can collaborate with Gen Zs who’ve never known life without a smartphone—this is the article for you. 

Don’t Neglect Training Employees On How to Receive Feedback


A piece of clumsy feedback can hamper a work relationship for years, which is why the process of giving and receiving feedback, should not be left to chance. This article is chock-full of suggestions on how to train people to deliver feedback and how to respond to comments graciously. 

The New Role of CHRO: Making Work More Human


CHROs from IBM, Lyft, Dropbox, and more, open up to Josh Bersin about the challenges today’s HR teams face. If you’ve ever wondered how quickly an HR team should scale, which benefits really keep employees around (hint: it isn’t a massage) and how to make employees happy, we recommend you read this. 

Employee Experience: Has a ‘Job for Life’ Become a Thing of the Past?

HR Zone

Today’s employees aren’t just jumping between companies, they’re jumping between careers. And the research is surprising, with studies showing that people aged 55 and over are the most likely to try a different field. The answer to this epidemic? According to James Mackenzie, Director of Sodexo Exchange, it’s about flexibility, lifelong learning, and experimentation.  

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