This week, we roll out the red carpet for some of the industry’s top influencers, consider the rise of Chief People Officers, explore why seven out of ten tech employees don’t trust HR, and – forgive us for sounding new-age – talk about why the talent search involves looking within.

The Top 100 HR Influencers of 2018


As HR catapults out of the back office and into the boardroom, HR leaders are expected to lead in strategy. To help HR teams grasp the rapidly approaching future of automation, productivity, diversity, and continuous performance, Engagedly published a list of 100 influencers worth following.

The Hottest Hypergrowth New Hire: Chief People Officer

PeopleTech Partners

New C-suite roles emerge following the advance of new technology: Chief Information, Marketing, and Digital Officers helped companies grapple with the information age. Now, Chief People Officers (CPOs) are helping define the role of humans in that future. Jessica Yuen of PeopleTech Partners sat down with a few executive search firms to learn what they look for in ideal people leaders.

Survey: 70% of Tech Employees Don’t Trust HR

HR Dive

If a pollster anonymously surveyed your company, what would your people say about trust? That happened to eBay, Amazon, and Intel, and the results weren’t good: As many as four out of five employees said they distrust HR. Industry-wide, 42 percent of people wouldn’t feel comfortable reporting sexual harassment and 41 percent have witnessed or experienced retaliation. The need for transparent, continuous conversations has never seemed clearer.

Why Look Outside When You Already Have Great People?


Companies need people who can grow into new roles. People want opportunities for career advancement. So why does that too often involve jumping ship? A study found that while only one-quarter of employees were looking for a new job, 76 percent would leave immediately for the right offer. Here are ideas for finding talent faster by looking within.

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