This week, we explore alternatives to using bonuses as a way of motivating staff, hear how to keep Gen-X employees happy, get a glimpse into who’s working from home these days, and pick up six tips for giving and receiving feedback more effectively.  

This week’s growth quote:

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” 

– Simon Sinek

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OKR’s and Compensation


Dangling bonuses in front of your employees will not encourage them to work harder. An intrinsically motivated workforce that’s buoyed by your company’s mission, will outperform a team that’s only in it for the money. Learn how the right balance of OKRs will help you get there.

Are Companies About to Have a Gen X Retention Problem?


Gen Xers should be at the pinnacle of their careers, but they aren’t being rewarded with the same rate of promotions as Baby Boomers and Millennials. Here are three steps you can take to prevent a mass exodus of employees in their late-30s to mid-50s (who do the lions’ share of work). 

More Employees Are Working From Home Regularly

HR Dive

Working from home has become the norm in certain fields. If you’d like to know if your industry is among them, then read this deep dive into our remote working habits. It also tracks alternatives to remote work, for portions of the workforce for whom it’s necessary to physically show up. 

6 Myths Surrounding Feedback

Training Industry

Feedback makes us better, so why is it so hard? If you’ve ever faced feedback failures, these six suggestions will put you back on track. Tops tips include: Not confusing what people need with what they like and building trust with your team before and after review-time.  

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