This week, we explore why CFOs and HR professionals both undervalue HR’s impact, a chief talent scientist answers the question of whether to give star performers preferential treatment, we study the issue behind most employees’ stress, and we learn how to help your HR team get data-savvy.

Most CFOs Don’t Think HR Affects the Bottom Line – And Half of HR Leaders Agree


Instinctively, we know organizations are powered by people. But do HR teams get enough credit? Nearly half of all companies studied don’t track their recruiting, hiring, or onboarding costs. As a result, 61 percent of CFOs don’t believe HR affects the bottom line – and almost half of their HR peers agree.

Should You Give Your Star Employees Star Treatment?

Harvard Business Review

Modern employers face a paradox: if they treat employees differently, they risk degrading everyone’s morale. Yet star performers can be a staggering 800 percent more productive than their peers, and want to be valued accordingly. What are employers to do? Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Chief Talent Scientist at Manpower Group, shares ideas.

The Overlooked Essentials of Employee Wellbeing


Nap pods, snack bars, and yoga classes are nice, but employers fighting employee stress can have a bigger impact by trying to increase people’s sense of job control – the amount of autonomy and discretion employees feel they have over their work. Greater control directly improves their physical and mental health. An easy first step? Engaging them in light, regular and ongoing conversations.

How to Develop a Data-Savvy HR Department

Harvard Business Review

HR professionals can be grouped into one of three categories of analytics readiness: savvy, willing, or resistant. As HR teams find more uses for people analytics, leaders must breed excitement, interest, and exceptionalism in the use of data. Nigel Guenole of IBM and Sheri Feinzig of Talent Management Consulting and the Smarter Workforce Institute share strategies.

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