BetterWorks was merely a concept two years ago when the company’s co-founders, Kris Duggan and Di Wu, wandered the aisles at HR Tech.

The event is one of the premier HR technology conferences in the world, and that experience further inspired them to create the best goal setting platform on the market. Just a year and a couple of months after launching our first iteration of BetterWorks, we were back at HR Tech again last week and it was truly our time to shine. Here are some of my highlights from this year’s show:

Our head of marketing Menaka Shroff accepts the HRE Top HR Product of the Year on stage at HR Tech Conference 2015

  • BetterWorks was named a Product of the Year by Human Resource Executive Magazine, along with nine other innovative HR technologies
  • Josh Bersin of Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP, announced his top 10 HR technology disruptions on the horizon and BetterWorks was included not once —but *twice*— in his report
  • BetterWorkers gave hundreds of demos to top HR and operational leaders looking to drive alignment, engagement and transparency within their organizations

Given that we are well into Q4, performance management was of course top of mind for attendees. In particular, feedback and recognition were areas of interest for many of the executives we spoke with. It was an incredible opportunity to showcase our latest product features, including our new assessments tool, private feedback capabilities and meeting view.

Integrations were also a hot topic as executives were eager to learn how BetterWorks fits into their existing performance management process to make it less burdensome and more seamless.

BetterWorks celebrate a successful HR Tech Conference with a team dinner in Vegas

It was affirming to hear that professionals demonstrated a real need for the features we recently launched, and it was rewarding to know that we can offer them a tangible solution.

In addition to the conference, the trip was an amazing opportunity for our team to kick back and have some fun. Eight BetterWorkers (myself included) are based in NYC and the rest of the team operates out of the Palo Alto headquarters, so this was a chance for us to enjoy quality time with our colleagues that we only see a handful of times a year. I’d get into details, but you know, what happens in Vegas…

In retrospect, our team has come a long way towards executing on what Kris and Di set out to do two years ago: “create the best goal setting platform in the world.” It certainly seemed like a stretch goal at the time, but I’d say mission accomplished!