It’s an exciting time at BetterWorks—we’ve signed more than 125 enterprise customers that have completed 150,000 goals! We’re helping employees be more effective at work, and collaborating with our customers to understand how immediate, continuous feedback helps their teams get better each day.

In the words of Paul D. Hamerman and Claire Schooley of Forrester Research, “Once-a-year or every six-months feedback is not frequent enough to meet the increasing pace of business. As employees crave more frequent feedback to learn and grow, managers must take on the role of a coach. Today, I’m excited to share new BetterWorks features that not only support enterprise-grade performance development™ but also help managers unleash their inner coach.


Everyone wants feedback, but sometimes it’s easier to give in private. While discussions default to open and transparent in BetterWorks, users can now send a private direct message. This means goal owners can receive feedback from cross-functional teammates, peers, or their managers. Managers can use private comments as an easy way to give real-time feedback to employees about the work they’re doing. Additionally, anyone can leave comments – both public and private – on individual milestones.


In the same way Fitbit wouldn’t wait until the end of the year to share your step count, we know workplace feedback becomes irrelevant if it’s not given immediately around behaviors. Regardless of reporting structure, this new feature helps anyone leave a private comment on a goal, and as a result, encourages coaching and mentorship across the organization.

Assessment and reporting

In our September webinar with Josh Bersin, he underlined the importance of having a platform for assessment and feedback. While we believe 50% of Fortune 1000 businesses will get rid of rankings and rating systems by 2016, access to a platform where metrics and measurements are structured allow mid-quarter assessments to become part of the feedback process.

Our new assessment and reporting features allow users to score goals at any time in the goal’s lifecycle, eliminating the need to wait until the end of the quarter to reflect on the success of a goal. Managers can also add content to assessments, so coaching and feedback can happen in real time.


We recognize that managers coach across varying mediums. To provide managers with more control over their data, a historical breakdown of milestones can be easily exported to Excel and (soon) PPT. To help managers save time, pulling together a recap of assessments and private comments made throughout the quarter can be easily conjured at a click of a button. No more searching through emails or wading through documents.

Managing Teams

Team meetings and 1-on-1s are critical times for managers to check in with their teams. But these meetings are often unfocused and fail to reflect on current progress. We’ve imagined an entirely new view—meeting view—that mirrors an intuitive way of how teams discuss their goals. The goals of a team can be viewed, shared and updated easily, on one screen during a single meeting. Updates to our iOS app, available later this quarter, make it possible for managers and employees to align on their goals and progress while on the go.


We’re all about making managers more effective, while empowering employees to set and achieve aspirational goals. If managers can unleash the power of their inner coach and increase their feedback cadence with employees, real progress happens.

Your employees crave coaching! Interacting with goals in real time helps entire teams to be more effective, aligned and ultimately successful.