Valentine’s Day 2018 just passed and at Betterworks we celebrate many holidays, including the holiday of love. To celebrate, Betterworkers decorated cookies, created Valentine’s Day cards, and played a candy guessing game. “Guess how many candies were in the jar!” Share your guesses in the comments section.

Candy game

The preparation for Valentine’s Day started on the 9th of February with Leslie, Nicole, and Esther (from left to right) baking the cookies in advance. “What a gesture of love!”

Leslie Nicole Esther cookie making

All the ingredients and utensils needed to make the delicious cookies. The recipe is here. (Thank you, Nicole, for sharing the recipe with us.)

Cookie ingredients

Leslie, Nicole and Esther made all kinds of cookie shapes, ranging from heart-shaped to elephants.

Heart shaped cookies part 2

“All you need is love”… and lots of sugar cookies!

Heart cookie in hand

Are you ready to see these cookies decorated? Keep scrolling.

Decorated cookies on plate

Letter B on cookie

Decorated cookie

Below are the Betterworkers who participated in the cookie decorating.

Bradly was extremely focused on his emoji cookie.

Bradley emoji cookie

Our CHRO, Bianca McCann joined the fun. Her cookie was shown above with the letter “B” in the middle.

Bianca decorating her cookie

Is this considered cheating, using a reference to decorate? Either way, Tony, that was a well-done execution of a sloth cookie.

Tony and the sloth cookie

Fun fact: The National Retail Federation predicted that in the U.S. the total spending on Valentine’s Day will reach $19.6 billion.

Aileen was showing her spirit at the Valentine’s Day day celebration!

Aileen cookie decorating

Anyone ask about Valentine’s Day cards? Of course, we made our own Valentine’s Day cards.

Card making Card making 2

Bradly participated in the card making activity.

Bradley Valentine's Day Card

We all hope that your Valentine’s Day was filled with positive emotions, laughter and love! And remember to guess how many candies were in the jar! We’ll announce it on Twitter soon (@Betterworks)

Hearts table