In 2013, Southwest’s mission was to become the world’s most loved, most flown, and most profitable airline,” and just three years later, Southwest is the largest low-cost carrier and is accoladed across the globe for its amazing customer service. Expedia, the multi-billion dollar, multi-brand online travel company was recently voted by Glassdoor as the best place to work in Britain in 2016. Quicken Loans is America’s largest online lender according to National Mortgage News, has helped over 2 million American families finance their homes and has closed more than $140 billion in mortgage loans in 2013 and 2014.” And Facebook is well…Facebook.

Curious as to why Southwest Airlines is taking off? Want to discover why workers around the world are eager to begin their journeys with Expedia? Why do Facebook’s users and workforce LIKE this corporation to the extent they do, and how come Quicken Loans does not struggle to reel in the dough? It all comes down to having an enthusiastic workforce, full of men and women who are intrinsically motivated to produce the best results for their respective corporation.

These businesses are role models when it comes to employee engagement, and not inexplicably. Here are three key reasons Southwest, Expedia, Facebook and Quicken Loans have happy workers (each corporation falls under different collective reasons).

1. Expedia, Facebook, and Quicken Loans Offer Support On The Job

Expedia, Facebook and Quicken Loans emphasize assistance in the workplace. Through an “open-door policy” involving executive meetings with new employees to see if “work-related expectations have been met,” workforce opinions at Southwest are consistently brought to attention, resulting in a very understanding corporate culture.

Expedia keeps employees well trained through  “interactive learning modules to “online video library,” employee blogs, and global conferences, and regimented training programs such as “exclusive sales training program, The Navigators Approach,” Expedia provides its huge workforce with many support and learning opportunities.

Quicken Loans similarly provides its workforce with participative leadership. The founder and chairman, Dave Gilbert offers a company book that “describes all of the firm’s key values” and he “personally facilitates an eight-hour long orientation for all new employees” to ensure a positive and united workforce culture.

2. Facebook, Southwest, and Quicken Loans Prioritize a Culture of Recognition

Facebook is one example of a corporation that makes its employees feel as though they are making a direct impact. Millennials are known as the generation that wish to make a visible impact in their career lives, and since they compose a growing amount of the world’s and a large percentage of Facebook’s workforce, the most engaging aspect of Zuckerberg’s corporation is the voice the software engineers are able to have. Business Insider perhaps explains it best: “the company is small enough where any single engineer can be heard, but large enough to reach 500 million people.” The top-down culture of recognition lures in Facebook’s employees.

Southwest values its workers similarly. Each week, the CEO, Gary Kelly, records an audio podcast, human resources ensures all employees have access to and offers praise to employees (at ANY level) that have exceeded that week’s expectations with regards to providing phenomenal customer service. Southwest also offers a feature in their Spirit Magazine and on their company “culture” web page for employees who have “gone above and beyond.”

Quicken Loans prioritizes instilling a culture of appreciation for its employees through corporate principles called “ISMs.” These principles include “innovation is rewarded, execution is worshiped” and “we are the ‘they.’” The company additionally offers benefits, perks, and flexibility to its employees as listed on its website.

3. Expedia, Southwest, and Facebook Keep Modern

These corporations are up to date with technology. Expedia utilizes emails to their highest potential by addressing the fact that most employees will be reading theirs either online or on their mobile devices. The travel company prioritizes keeping content short, fun, colorful, and concise so as to not overwhelm employees. To further entice the workforce, Expedia encourages employees to “create and subscribe to many social aliases, from Expedia Parents to Beer Lovers to the very popular ‘Travel Deals & Discussion’” and are invited to “compile responses and send back around or reply using only haiku format.” Fun, huh?

Southwest Airlines stays contemporary especially with regards to the way they allow their employees to present themselves on social media. Southwest monitors the online workplace as well by setting healthy and positive Social Media Guidelines for their workers and ensure continuous check-ins to make sure the workforce is in agreement!

Facebook, similar to Expedia and Southwest, uses technology to keep its young and innovative workforce happy with their jobs. By offering many Silicon Valley and elsewhere conferences, the latest tools and software, and by promoting innovation as opposed to stagnancy, workers are driven every day to be productive and concise.

To wrap it up…

These companies have all earned their spots as reputable companies to work for a reason. Interested in more employee engagement ideas?

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