Today’s workforce is more complex and interconnected than ever. Siloed departments with hierarchical leadership structures have given way to cross-functional teams, formed on the fly to address constantly changing business priorities.  As a result, HR organizations are grappling with how to evolve their processes and procedures, specifically around performance management.

Recently, Betterworks was evaluated by Jessica Miller-Merrell, the founder of Workology to understand how our technology drives better business outcomes.

“I love the Betterworks platform and as someone who this year has been committed to providing focused communication and performance with my own team, I love the features they have available,” said Jessica. “This product makes it easier for me to be a better leader that is aligned with the larger organization and the individual needs of my employees.”

Workology evaluated how Betterworks’ technology supports and encourages Continuous Performance Management by allowing all employees to be in alignment while receiving ongoing feedback and communication from leaders at all different levels, whether they are their direct report or indirectly as part of a project team.

Some highlights from the review include:

Supporting Fast, Flexible, and Agile Teams

“The Betterworks platform is built with agile methodologies in mind. From the moment we logged in, the Betterworks platform was flexible and fluid. The UX makes me feel as though I’m focused, organized, and engaged. From the easy navigation to the ability to set, change, and update goals, I feel more effective, productive, and agile.”

Workplace and Employee Productivity vs. Performance

“With Betterworks, performance management and feedback is integrated directly into the flow of work. Their platform seamlessly integrates  with the technologies we rely on for our workplace communication making it easy to update performance, share changes, and keep on top of the execution and results of your teams.”

Continuous Conversations on the Fly

“One of my favorite features of the Betterworks platform is their mobile app; accessible from IOS or Android, I can stay on top of what’s happening with my team quickly and easily from anywhere whether it’s checking quickly five minutes before a leadership meeting or on my daily commute from the train.”

To learn more, download your free copy of Scalable Performance Management for Agile Workplace Teams: Workology Reviews Betterworks.